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“You are disgusting.”
“You’ll never be good enough.”
“Just look at all your failures. You ARE a failure.”
“You’ll never be like her.”
“You aren’t wanted.”
“You will never be successful.”
“You are a disgrace.”
“You are identified by your flaws. Everyone sees them.”
“They determine your worthiness, so you better try and please them/impress them.”

Today I wrote out some of the lies that creep into my thoughts. There are days where I can’t see outside of myself, and I dwell obsessively over my shortcomings.

The lies that seem to be whispered easily become anthems I tell myself.

I not only hear these falsities, but I believe them. Quickly following my belief in them comes me repeating them to myself.

Such a vicious cycle.

I hope I’m not the only Jesus girl out there who falls into this trap. A trap filled with slavery and bondage that consumes you from the inside out. A trap that robs you of your joy and security… Making a joke of your freedoms and identity.


I, once again, am stomping on the words of the enemy and take my rightful authority over him and his evil army.

In JESUS’ name, I am reaching out to my sisters out there who can’t seem to get out of this whirlpool of shame, guilt, comparison, pride.

In JESUS’ name, I am proclaiming truth based on God’s word over myself:

1. I am loved.

2. I am cherished.

3. I am without flaw.

4. I am cared for.

5. I stand righteous before the throne of the creator and sustainer of the Universe.


Pride is when we focus inwardly on ourselves. The fruit of pride is no fruit at all… Only peace-hindering, joy-stealing, anger-provoking death.

Humility– true humility– happens when we look beyond ourselves. We look to Him to find our peace. We open His word to discover our identity. We worship Him to experience our purpose.


Only Jesus.

My hope on the crappiest of days. My peace when I’m obsessed over my flaws. My joy when I don’t know where to turn.

I look to Him.

There I am true. There, I am free.

You too, my friend, have access to this glory.

Look up.



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  1. Beautiful!!! The more we believe His truth he more He can work in and through us! And we get to be part of a greater plan than we could ever imagine!!

    You go girl!! Love this and love you!!

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